American General Tool Group manufactures and distributes premium quality woodworking, pneumatic and electrical tools, spare parts, aftermarket parts, and accessories for budget focused craftsmen, Do It Yourselfers, contractors, and handymen.

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American General Tool Group Known as AGTG

American General Tool Group is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic couplers, grinders, polishers, routers, bee supply, chili roaster, oscillating blades, plugs, hoses, filters, regulators and lubricators, aftermarket pneumatic nailer/stapler spare parts, electrical power tool parts and accessories, pneumatic nailers and staplers, woodworking hand tools and accessories.

American General Tool Group’s product portfolio is vast and diverse. With years of experience in the wholesale markets, we have learned the unique situations our customers face on day-to-day basis and have devised ways to facilitate them accordingly.

Here at AGTG we make it quick and easy with our always up-to-date online resources, easy-to-search catalogs, value pricing structure and excellent inventory levels. As a Business-to-Business company many of our customers are Construction/Industrial Supply Houses, Tool Repair Shops, and Manufacturers that are engaged in providing services for pneumatic and electrical tools and equipment to a dynamic range of service industries.


American General Tool Group's mission is to empower craftsmen, handymen, and everyday hobbyists with powerful, innovative and affordable solutions so they can achieve brilliance in what they do.


Our vision is to completely blur the line between the craftsman and his craft with post-modern era tools that become the extension of the individual taking technology out of the way.

Our Philosophy

At American General Tool Group, we believe in achieving our goals with utmost integrity and regard toward social responsibility. We don't just believe in achieving excellence but achieving it through honest innovation, sense of responsibility and strong work ethic. We believe honest crafts can only be served with honest solutions..



We are transparent, ethical, fair and honest in our conduct. We only believe in achieving through honest means.


It is at the core of whatever we do. From conceptualizing a product to distributing it, excellence remains our key ingredient.


We believe in working as we. Our successes aren't culmination of individuals but a team that struggles to achieve its goals.


We believe as a cog in American industry as well as society, social responsibility is at the heart of our company.


We don't sit on our laurels and always strive to bring something new to the table. Pioneering runs deep in American General Tool Group's DNA.

These values continue to dictate the growth and business of American General Tool Group.

  1. Quiet Beginnings

    January 16th, 2000

    American General Tool Group begins its humble journey with two brands: Air Locker®, which deals in quality fastening solutions and Superior Parts® that offers a range of aftermarket replacement parts for brand name products.

  2. The First New Brand

    February 22nd, 2000

    New brand Superior Electric® is introduced to manufacture and distribute a premium range of professional electric replacement parts and aftermarket repair parts for brand name electrical power tools.

  3. Acquisition of Interstate Pneumatics

    March 22nd, 2006

    American General Tool Group continues to spread the wings and acquires a well established air tools brand Interstate Pneumatics® to strengthen its product portfolio with premium quality pneumatic tools and accessories.

  4. Oasis Machinery Follows Kaufhof


    Overnight success of Kaufhof brand forces American General Tool Group to bring another brand dubbed Oasis Machinery to set a new standard for value woodworking accessories and dust collection solutions.

  5. Superior Steel Adds Strength


    American General Tool Group steps into untapped territory of premium steel products with a new brand of Superior Steel® that offers uncompromising steel products including saw blades, chain saw discs, chisel sets, planer blades and more.

  6. Yet Another New Brand


    The soaring sales of pads and abrasives distributed by American General Tool Group makes the company to launch a standalone brand Superior Pads and Abrasives® with a website featuring the complete variety along with a user friendly interface..

  7. Acquisition of Big Horn Corp


    American General Tool Group acquires the renowned brand Big Horn Corp, the celebrated manufacturer of woodworking products and accessories, and absorbs Kaufhof Woodwerks and Oasis Machinery in Big Horn Corp.

  8. Secco Joins AGTG Family


    Secco's acquisition meant AGTG has expanded into offering industrial grade concrete grinding and polishing equipment. With years of high profile legacy, Secco was the right brand for AGTG to offer products catering to the needs of modern professionals helping them achieve goals efficiently.

  9. AGTG takes over Versa Tool


    With the acquisition of Versa Tool, AGTG gains advantage in the industry of premium aftermarket oscillating multitool accessories including saw blades and sandpapers for major brand names such as Fein, Dremel, Bosch, Ridgid, Craftsman, Ryobi, King Canada, Haussmann, Makita, Skil, Milwaukee and more..

  10. Hydro Handle Adds Diversity


    AGTG gets ahead of the curve bagging Hydro Handle which manufactures an ergonomically designed premium solution to delivers a controlled water stream to a variety of accessories turning cordless drill into a powerful water feed drilling and polishing machine.

  11. Hardin Bring Toughness


    This acquisition brings Hardin to AGTG which is a leading brand offering a complete range of premium wet polishers, metal working tools, melting furnaces, micro torches, metal sanders and polishers and stone routers. Now, there's something more for AGTG distributors.

  12. AGTG Makes Way For GoodLand Bee Supply


    With GoodLand Bee Supply acqusition AGTG wanders into a completely new indutry of beekeeping products. Generations of input in the field, experience, and recommendations, have shaped GoodLand Bee Supply product offerings and the products themselves.

  13. Shaking Hands With Santa Barbara Chili Roasters


    Now AGTG's distributors can cater to the desires of foodies and chili heads with Santa Barbara Chili Roasters industrial grade propane and natural gas rotating roasting drums for roasting a wide veriety of food items including chilies and corn.

  14. Yet Another New Brand


    When it is time to squeeze in all the quality, utility and versatility into brass, Interstate Brass takes the crown. With the finest range of high quality brass fittings, couplers, manifolds and valves in America, we put forward the top grade performance wrapped in the most refined metal alloy. Designed to amaze, engineered to achieve.

Message From CEO

American General Tools Group

At American General Tool Group, we take pride in our commitment to the contribute toward development of leading products that play an imperative part in molding how craftsmen, laborers, and contractors approach their crafts in this cutting edge world. AGTG has helped us subduing challenges that usually accompany a diverse business donning multiple brands while streamlining the digital process that makes these class leading products accessible to everyone.

Our success story is all about developing a premier workforce within a work environment that values unique ideas, encourages individual growth and treats all employees with respect, to educational and development initiatives for improving the quality of life as well as work.

I'm extremely enthused and glad to lead this organization; prouder still to work with such a gifted gathering of individuals. Searched out by our esteemed clients, regarded by our rivals, American General Tool Group has never been in a better position to shape the eventual fate of American craftsmanship.

Nasreen Godil

Nasreen Godil

President & CEO
Nasreen Godil

Altaf Godil

President & COO

American General Tool Group has been successful in putting together a team of gifted and committed individuals giving them the chance to learn, develop and succeed while contributing heavily toward AGTG’s success. This positive attitude in relation to innovation and business has put American General Tool Group on a platform from where we can push ourselves to accomplish each and every goal.

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