American General Tool Group's product portfolio is multifaceted with a variety of brands individually representing woodworking, electrical, pneumatic and specialized tools categories to serve multitude of industries.

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American General Tool Group Brands

American General Tool Group owns 15 brands including Interstate Pneumatics®, Superior Electric®, Superior Parts®, Superior Pads & Abrasives®, Air Locker®, Superior Steel® and Big Horn® that are distributed from our Vista, CA warehouse. Every brand is dedicated to serve a particular category of products which range from woodworking

accessories to fastening solutions, aftermarket replacement parts to electrical products and pneumatic tool parts to sanding pads and abrasives. American General Tool Group adds hundreds of products across all brands annually and all these additions give exciting new opportunities to our distributors for further growth..

  • Air locker

    Nailers/Staple Guns

    Nothing but very best fastening solutions meant to serve professionals.

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  • big horn

    Woodworking Tools & Accessories

    Wide range of finest woodworking accessories to give your craft what it deserves.

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  • Crown Tools

    Finest range of hand made tools

    Exquisite range of finest hand made tools.

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    Bee Keeping Industries

    Specialized and tailored solutions for beekeepers to make their lives convenient.

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  • hardin

    Wet Polishers, Stone Routers & Melting Furnance.

    Hardin products are designed to last so tradesmen get value for their money.

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  • Hydro Handle

    Drill & Polishing Machines

    An innovative product to turn your drill into a multi-tool solution.

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  • Versa Tool

    Oscillating Tools & Accessories

    Improve the quality of your craft with highest quality tools made for you.

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  • interstate Pneumatics

    Pneumatic Tool Parts & Accessories

    Second to none affordable pneumatic solutions that get the job done.

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  • Interstate Brass

    Brass Fittings, Manifolds, Couplers & Valves

    High quality Pneumatic brass fittings and accessories that don’t cut any corners.

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  • Interstate Safety

    Head Protection Tools, Hand Protection Tools and Back Support Belts.

    Occupational safety solutions that keep people safe and productive.

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  • Santa Barbara Chili Roaster

    Gas Rotating Roasting Drums

    High quality products designed to make bulk chili roasting a convenience.

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  • Specialty Diamond

    Blades & Tools

    If you're a price conscious professional, this is the place where you'll find affordable brilliance..

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  • Superior Pads & Abrasives

    Sanding Pads & Abrasive Discs

    A range of premium pads and abrasives to achieve excellent finishing results.

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  • Superior Parts

    Pneumatic Nail / Staple Gun Parts & Accessories

    Offering a wide variety of aftermarket spare parts to keep your tools going.

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  • Superior Steel

    Hammer Chisels & Saw Blade Discs

    Cutting edge manufacturing that shape into premium quality steel products.

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  • Superior Electric

    Electric Tools Parts & Accessories

    A diverse variety of electrical parts and accessories that keep your tools powered.

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  • Thrifco Plumbing

    Complete Plumbing Solutions

    Entire range of professional plumbing parts, toilet, sink parts & accessories.

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  • Total Polishing Systems

    Floor Cleaning Solutions

    A superior yet affordable polishing solution that excels in terms of performance and reliability.

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